How to send a Please Call Me on MTN

To send a Please Call Me on MTN  Dial *121*( receiver’s cellphone number)# for example *121*073 125 001# . You can send a maximum of 5 free Call Back SMSs per day to other users in South Africa. A Please Call Me SMS will automatically be delivered to the receiver’s cellphone number at no cost to you.

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How to personalise your MTN CallBack SMS

To personalise your MTN Please Call Me using USSD, you need to dial *121# and then select option 1 (personal name). This will be followed by option 1 allowing you to either enter / change name, option 2 to check status and option 3 to remove name. Choose option 1 and enter the single name (up to 10 letters) that you wish to display when you send a CallBack request and then press OK to complete the process.

Always remember that MTN call me back code in South Africa is *121* recipient’s number # You can send up to five free CallBack requests per day to any cellphone network in South Africa. You can personalise your call-back once a day.