How to pay for Apple App Store using a Gift Card

You can use an Apple gift card for The iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, and Apple TV apps all offer the option of using an App Store & iTunes gift card. You can think of it as virtual credit. You can use your Apple ID balance to purchase movies, games, apps, books, music, and TV shows with App Store & iTunes gift cards.

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  • Just access the App Store on your iOS device running the latest iOS.
  • Click “Today” in the bottom menu, and then click your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  • Click “Redeem Gift Card or Code.”
  • Click either “Use Camera” to scan the code on the back of your card with your camera or click “You can also enter your code manually” to enter the code on the back of your card.
  • Click “Redeem.”
  • Launch the Apple Music application on your iPhone or iPad running the most recent iOS. The music icon resembles a multicolored music note.
  • Click “For You” way down on the screen.
  • Click the trial offer if you want to use Apple Music for free for 3 months, just make sure you have not registered in the past.
  • Choose the kind of subscription you fancy. After that, click “Start Free 3 months.”
  • Get yourself signed into your iCloud account, if required.
  • Choose your Apple ID balance as your payment method.