Doogee S59 Pro and S86 Smartphones

The Doogee S59 Pro Rugged 4G LTE Smartphone has the biggest battery ever! A massive 10050mAH Li-po battery that will last and last, even with most of your Apps open at the same time.

It also boasts best-in-class specifications. It is water- and dust-resistant, 1.5m drop-resistant and the display is made of 5.71-inch strong Corning Gorilla Glass.

With 6GB RAM and 120GB ROM, you can now enjoy smooth and fast web browsing and gaming.

The Android 10 OS is smart, efficient and has many user-friendly features: a simple user interface, exquisite icons, intuitive navigation, power-saving dark mode and more.

Capture your world with AI Quad Rear Cameras: a 16 MP Main Camera, an ultra-wide camera with edge distortion correction, a macro camera for close-ups and a portrait camera with a depth sensor.

Or take stunning selfies with the 16MP front camera. It also has a magnetic compass, accelerometer, light sensor, GPS, radio and much more. 24W fast-charge USB charging and a powerful Octa-core Helio P22 Processor complete the package. All at the unbelievable launch price of only R3199-90!

Doogee S86 Rugged 4G Smartphone

The Doogee S86 Rugged 4G Smartphone is truly a phone in its own class with the loudest smartphone speakers ever.

It’s equipped with a Tonearm box and IC SMART power amplifier that delivers a maximum output power of 2W and a volume of up to 100dB! This makes telephone calls easier for the hearing impaired. Also great for noisy environments, like construction sites or factories.

It also has top specs like high-pressure water protection, water- and dust-resistance, 1.5m drop-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and a 6.1-inch HD+ Display and an 8500mAh large-capacity battery.

Record every detail you can imagine with the 16MP Al main camera, even in a mixed and challenging lighting environment.

Four ultra-bright flashes on the back help you to capture the beauty of our world. Plus enjoy the 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and the 2.5cm focus macro lens for detailed close-ups.

With 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM, dual SIM or SIM plus Micro SD slot and Octa-core processor, you’ll have enough memory and power to run several Apps smoothly and efficiently. At the amazing launch price of only R3999-90!