Cubut Mobile

Cubot Mobile. You can now also get all your purchases on credit and pay over 4 months! No credit checks No interest or extra costs Your money is safe and guaranteed Up to 4 months to pay Non-SA citizens welcome.

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Smartphones are no longer a luxury item but a necessity for obvious and various reasons in this day and age.
Price is often a deciding factor and consumers are frequently forced to compromise on features and quality because of this.
The arrival of Cubot means that consumers don’t have to compromise anymore.
Cubot smartphones don’t only sport great features, but they are also affordable

Cracked screens or software issues ?

 Certified Cubot service centre is here to help with any repairs that need to be done. Just call 0117836108 and chat to one of the qualified technicians.

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First Floor, Syringa Building
The Avenues Office Park
45 Homestead Road, Rivonia, 2191
+27 (0)11 783-6108